#MuslimahMonday: Highlighting Asmaa Toor

Welcome to our new weekly segment titled #MuslimahMonday! Each week we’ll be featuring a boss Muslimah in our community! This week we’re featuring Asmaa Toor, the Marketing Coordinator here at Infinitely Classic. We asked her a few questions and here’s what she had to say:

Name 3 Muslim women who inspire you

Ginella Massa (first hijab wearing on-air TV reporter in Canada), Ibtihaj Muhammad (first woman to compete on a U.S. Olympic team in hijab), Tahera Rahman ((first hijab wearing on-air TV reporter in the U.S.).

These women inspire me because they didn’t compromise their faith to follow their passion. They wear their hijabs with pride and honour and beautifully represent what it means to be a Muslim woman in the Western world.

What do you love about being a Muslim woman?

I love the bond that unites me with other Muslim women. I truly believe the bond that Muslim women have with each other is unbreakable and can withstand any force. It’s the best feeling to see Muslim women supporting and building each other up in this time of tribulation.  

What’s something you wish you were better at?

Saying no! I’ve come to realize that sometimes we just have too much going on and it’s okay to say no to something that we simply can’t fit into our schedule. In fact, sometimes it’s necessary to say no in order to prioritize your health and well being and that is completely okay. We can’t always do it all. I want to be able to say no as confidently as I say yes!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

“Don’t panic.” It seems like such a simple thing yet so effective! Our brains don’t work rationally when we’re panicking and we end up making things out to be a lot worse than they actually are. A lot of situations can be easily solved when we simply don’t panic.

What’s your favourite IC liquid lipstick shade?

Boudoir! It’s the perfect berry colour that looks great on all skin tones and lasts all day. Also a bonus that I have a hijab that is the exact colour of Boudoir so it creates a great matching situation.

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