#MuslimahMonday: Highlighting Zeinab Saidoun

We're featuring our Chief of Marketing, Zeinab Saidoun, for #MuslimahMonday

What is your superpower?

Multi-tasking! Many people get overwhelmed by the thought of more than one task or in my case, having more than one job. But, that’s how I thrive! If I’m not doing a million things at once, I get bored!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Any time I was feeling down about something, my parents would tell me that Allah (swt) will open a better door, one that will make more sense. When I was younger, I would get frustrated with that answer. As I get older and face more obstacles, I realize that Allah (swt) really does open doors, when you least expect it.

What do you do if you’ve had a bad day?

Skincare is usually my go-to solution. I get in comfortable clothing, put on a good face mask and ask a friend to come over or talk to someone I know will make me feel better! I often go through what made my day as bad as it was and see if there’s anything I can fix so that I don’t go through the same sort of scenarios again.

What personality trait has gotten you in the most trouble?

When I was a little girl, teachers would tell my parents that I’m bossy. So as a child, that’s something that has gotten me in trouble. Now, I would say I’m constantly aware of that and always try to find the line between being a leader and a boss.

What is your favourite IC lipstick?

Mogul! It’s the perfect pink-toned nude. It stays put all day and can be worn to the grocery store or to the office! Perfection in a bottle.

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