Self Care 101

There’s no doubt about it: life gets busy. We get so consumed with work, school or taking care of our families that we forget about taking care of ourselves. It’s so important to build a healthy relationship with yourself, which can be done through self care. When we take care and build a relationship with ourselves, it will have a great effect on our relationships with other people. Here are a few tips to implement self care into your life: 

Try something new

Life can fall into routine easily. For me, it’s wake up, commute to school, study, come back home, sleep and repeat. Adding something new in your day to day routine can be a great way to change things up, whether it be trying a new recipe, ordering something new at your usual lunch place or taking a different route to work/school.  


We’re always hearing our phones vibrate, telling us we have a notification waiting. It can be overwhelming to be constantly connected to the virtual world. Taking a break from social media or our phones in general is a great way to disconnect and just focus on yourself. 

Have something to look forward to

Plan something fun to do once a week or whatever interval of time suits your schedule best. It can be a coffee date with a friend or setting aside time to do a face mask or read a book.

Get enough sleep

There are so many problems that can be solved by simply sleeping properly. Getting adequate sleep reduces stress, enhance creativity and overall increase your efficiency with everyday tasks. 

We hope you find one or more of these beneficial. It’s never too late to start practicing self care. Trust us, your future self will thank you! Feel free to reach out to with blog post ideas or feedback!

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