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Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 4.53.49 PM

If you’re reading this, it's NOT too late. Just kidding, I don’t mean to make this all about my fan-ness Drake.

What I do mean to say is if you’re reading this, you’re more than likely one of three types of people

One who is deciding what career path they should go on

Someone who is currently embarking on a career path that they are not passionate for

Someone who is just reading

For cases 1 and 2, fear no more. This post may trigger the start of a path of realization. One that will enlighten you in whether or not you’re truly pursuing your passion or not.

Now sit down and reflect. Take as much time as you need. Write down what you’re currently studying or have studied.

Done? Now write down what makes you happy, what keeps you awake at night because of your excitement, what you are doing on your free time?

If you find there is no correlation between the two, then something is missing. You are not pursuing what you should be. You may be studying Computer Science but you find yourself really into social activism. Perhaps you’re in Engineering but you really find yourself involved in community mentorship and mental health awareness initiatives.  How will the two connect? That is very difficult.

So what is the reason? Why do we find so many people nowadays pursuing something other than what they’re passionate about? Is it societal standards? Is it parental prompting? Is it the mere fact that individuals want to play it safe and secure rather than jump in the deep end and risk tribulation or even temporary failure? I believe the scary and ugly truth is all of the above.

Our parents mean well and do not want to see us suffer as they did (especially if they are immigrants) but what does that mean in the long run? You are your own person and as much as we must respect our parents, they must realize we are our own selves.

As I sit down reflecting on my own experiences, I definitely have fell victim to societal standards. There are many things that I am a part of that I can see myself pursuing in the future but perhaps I am not striving at that through my career.  We are all expected to go through school and after graduation, work for a reputable, big company or pursue our graduate studies. To do things “right” and in the correct order. As we go through times as quickly as we are nowadays, we find that is a merely wrong way of thinking. Every single being is different thus the paths should not be carved out the same for all of us

Youth should be encouraged to jump at opportunities that make them tick, that make them wild and that make them the best at what they do. There is an authentic Hadith – a report describing the actions, words or habits of Prophet Muhammad SAW, from Sahih Tirmidhi that says “The best of people are those who live longest and excel in their good deeds…” What that reflects is that we all must strive to be excellent at whatever we do and aspire to do.

So how can someone be excellent at what they do in the long-term if they have no true passion for it?

In my opinion, they can’t. Sure ‘success’ can come but it will indeed be short lived.  Sure to some success can mean money but it doesn't necessarily always bank on that. 

Call to action

Youth, I call on you to not be afraid of changing your career paths if you find you’ve become “trapped” in one set path. It is never too late. Keep in mind with the actions and aspirations you have that are done with good intentions for the community nothing can stand in your way.

I call on you all to stand up for your beliefs, your dreams and your aspirations for your community. If you want to empower a nation but you cannot even empower yourself to follow your heart and gut, then what use is that.