Diversity and Sustainability in a Fashion-Tech Business

It’s the middle of the week and you’re scrolling through your feed on Instagram. You find yourself mesmerized by all of the fashion bloggers sporting the latest outfits with a smile on their faces. As you scroll more, you notice a trend - every influencer looks similar to one another. It becomes hard for you to imagine yourself living a similar lifestyle simply because of the lack of representation online.

While starting a fashion-tech based business, my number-one priority became diversity and inclusion. Far too many times, we’re seeing fashion companies pop up with a lack of representation - this includes culture, religion, sexual orientation, body-type and style. As a young woman of colour, I aspired to see myself in mainstream media; I wanted to see my friends and family represented. It was important to me that we capture the beauty our city has to offer.

Building Sonder Toronto has provided us with the opportunity to connect and hear the stories of many incredible women. Although we’re connecting based on fashion, we’re learning where our users come from and we’re sharing their stories online. You’re not just renting an outfit for an event, but you’re adding to the story of an article of clothing that belongs to a woman within your community - we’re building a sisterhood of the travelling outfit.

We’re also a forward thinking company, our goal is to reduce amount of textile waste going towards landfills each and every year. Our innovative approaching to upcycling clothing allows people to share their outfits and stories in one place -  fashion made simple and sustainable.

If you’re interested in joining our early adopters’ program, you can fill out our form here or learn more about our values and initiatives on our blog.

We hope to connect with you and create a more sustainable and inclusive community for fashion lovers alike!

Written by: Megan Ramwa - Founder, Sonder Toronto

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