Hijabi Hair Care 101 with Hair by Reema

If you’re a hijabi, listen up. This blog post is for you. We have collaborated with Reema from Hair by Reema who happens to be my hairdresser to bring you tips on how to keep your locks luscious while wearing the hijab. Even if you don’t wear the hijab, these tips are very helpful.

  1. Brush your hair and dry it before wearing your hijab

After washing your hair, make sure to dry and brush your hair prior to wearing your hijab. Do not wear your hijab when your hair is wet. It will cause a damp smell and skin irritations

2. Do not pull your hair back too tight

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Make sure your bun or ponytail is loose. Pulling your hair back too tight will cause your hairline to recede and your hair to thin out.

3. Massage your scalp

Try to massage your scalp for at least 5 minutes after removing the hijab. Massaging the scalp will stimulate blood circulation and make your scalp healthy.

4. Sleep on a silk or satin pillow

Because it is hard to wear a silk hijab, try sleeping on a silk pillow. It leaves your hair looking and feeling healthy and allows for air to reach the pillow and doesn’t allow bacteria to grow.

Written by: Mariam Nouser & Reema Jaber