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Organization and planning are things that I have only come to embrace in my life during my two and a half years in university. See, I was a mess before. I may have used my memory to remember everything but I NEVER, EVER wrote in planners. I remember being in middle school and my grade 8 teacher would check our planners every Thursday. If it wasn't filled out by us and signed by our parents, we would receive consequences. I was the type of student, at the time, who scribbled in stuff late Wednesday night, had my mom sign it and present it to my teacher the next day.

While my 13-year-old self saw that as tedious and time consuming, my 20-year-old self thanks girl for trying to instill something in my life that would become a vital part in it nearly 8 years later.

Now, I am an organization freak. The desk I am writing from is coordinated to the T. Notebooks and pens to my left, other stationary to my write in a beautifully sectioned off caddy. I have two planners - one is a day planner and one is a weekly planner. I use sticky notes and notepads. Also, Google Calendar has become the apple of my eye (no joke!) Now, I can safely say that my life has greatly improved after I stopped being stubborn and dived into the world of organization.


While I am one who loves colour, when it comes to my planner, black and white is how I roll. However, if is something important needs to be written, I write it in red. I find too many colours distracting when trying to retrieve important dates and information and by having a simple and clean planner, I am able to see what I need to do easier. Below is a sample of how I would plan my day. *Note my actual day planner is full so I had to print off a sample Day Planner by Day Designer to keep track my studying today.


Going back to the point of keeping it simple, I do not like writing a lot in my planner. A few simple words to inform me of my pending task is all I need. My mind gets lost (as many  do as well) with too any words. Clarity is of utmost important to me. Clarity + Purpose = Success in my day and it starts from how you plan.


If a certain task needs preliminary notes or I need a longer explanation for the task, I write it in my notebook. I have a notebook specifically designated to coordinate with my planner. I carry it around with me so I never am lost without information. I used to be the type of person that would "wing" everything and go with the flow. While I still do that depending on the occasion, it is vital for me to have a plan and execute any task according to my preparation. My notebook is down below.


I use sticky notes to create more visuals for me. I use some as tabs for important pages, some for to do lists, some for important reminder notes. I use them accordingly and effectively in order to fully push my mind to stay on task. I find them quite useful in remembering things and it adds a fun and unique twist to your planner. My sticky note set is from Indigo and while it has a hint of colour, it is still simple enough that it does not distract me.


There will be days where I will forget my planner. It has happened. Nonetheless, I don't let that affect my productivity. In addition to writing tasks down, I use Google Calendar to etch in what I have during the day so I always have a copy of my schedule no only on my phone but on my computer as well. Luckily, my school schedule is automatically synced my calendar which makes planning 100x easier.

There are so many (free/cheap) tools available to make your life more organized. My 13-year-old self learned it the hard way before becoming the organized freak that I am today. It is all about making your day to day life that much easier.

To all of you writing your final exams (like myself), I wish you all the best and send my sincerest, most positive vibes and prayers to you all! Good luck :)