Girl Boss Hub: Sally Shokry

This week on Girl Boss Hub we are highlighting Graphic Designer and current Graphic Communications Management student Sally Shokry. She is someone who recently took a big leap in terms of her education and career and has broadcasted her work as a Graphic Designer. We sat down with Sally to discuss a couple key aspects of her work including what Resilience means to her. 

Sally and her designs

I see myself as a young artist and a graphic designer who conveys thoughts in a creative way that helps people connect with others as well as with their own soul. I believe that there are many sides to a human; each side needs many words to properly describe themselves but requires even more words in a discussion. In an attempt to help people become closer to their own heart and their own personality, I try to make my designs a creative reflection of these words that a human needs to describe their thoughts and feelings. I try to incorporate the emotions and likes of a person in each design project. I design different things: posters, logos, and typographic pieces. I also write blog entries that discuss things like mental health, self care, love for others and for oneself, as well as the way to positively look at everything we come across in our daily life. To have a look at my work, please visit my website at

What does resilience mean to you and how do you embody it?

As a student who transferred from Biomedical Engineering to Graphic Communications Management, I would say that resilience to me was the recovering the parts of my personality I lost during my time in Engineering. I often joke about how I was like a zombie when I was in Engineering, but thinking about it, it’s not really a joke. I was barely alive and just getting by. I didn’t have any visions or goals for the future as I was slowly losing the skills I had in many fields. At some point I realized that this couldn’t go on for any longer because I wasn’t going to go far with my degree in Engineering if I didn’t truly have an inventive intuition in that field. I was the only one who could change my reality, so I did, and I transferred. I became a lot more healthy when I was given the chance to be myself and to grow back into the person I was before. Most importantly, I started to have a goal, a vision, and a purpose. I embraced the hardships and turned them into an experience that was like a photo book for my designs from which to find inspiration. I used my experience to write to others and help them overcome their own hardships. I used this experience to help others move forward into a more positive lifestyle.


There are so many look-a-like brands nowadays on the market that it is hard to differentiate one from another, how is your brand different?

There are many artists who discuss topics like mental health, however I work on involving a wider perspective to each of my designs than just one topic. In each design, I try to incorporate many qualities that people try to add to their personality. Qualities like grit, self care, appreciation of human vulnerability, and of course optimism. Also, since I am fluent in 4 different languages, I had exposure to a lot of different cultures and human qualities and perspectives that gave me a wider view of humans’ feelings and thoughts. I am now able to design about simple topics as well as crucial topics while involving the many aspects that people of different lifestyles would enjoy seeing. I design with the idea of embracing diverse aspects so that my designs can reach out to a lot more people, and so that a wider ranger of people can connect with my designs. For a designer, the success in doing so, means they’ve succeeded in delivering the complete message of their design.

Free for all! Tell us something we do not know about you and your brand. Be as detailed as possible.

I speak 4 languages and I am now learning a fifth language. I speak Arabic, English, Turkish, and Korean. I am currently learning French. I do graphic design, write, and take photographs. Most importantly, I work on combining all of these aspects to create all round creative projects with many media components. As I work on each media component of any project, I look at everything I have learned regarding the different cultures and languages I have been exposed to. From qualities, to colours, to styles, to a language’s alphabets and writing, and many more aspects. Considering the unusual combination of Arabic, English, Turkish and Korean, perhaps even French, it definitely creates a unique blend. This blend allows me to bring to the people an unexpected design with a recipe that they can find a flavour they enjoy in it.