Saying No is Okay

You're sitting at your desk, chugging away at a task that is due tomorrow when you receive an email. Another opportunity has come your way. You are a go-getter; you love getting your hands dirty and you love helping out. You stop what you are doing and you think, should I accept it?  What is stopping you is whether or not it is a good thing for you at this time. Yes the opportunity may seem like it is something you are dying to do but as they always say, timing is of the essence.

See, I am a firm believer that people should prioritize their own well-being and what is important to them; this teaches  you how to say no. It is no easy task and I say that from experience but it is something everyone should learn for their own sake.

Now why is it important to say no when it is appropriate?

Saying no says you put your prior obligations first. Saying no says you are committed to your mental health and well- being. Saying no opens up more doors for you in the future because if you were to have said yes, you would eventually have to turn down something bigger and better. Saying no allows other competent individuals to gain the chance to learn something new. Ironically, when you say no, others are forced to learn how to challenge themselves and take the plunge on their own.

A seemingly (yet not entirely) simple decision to say no does not just affect you now, it will affect you tomorrow, next week and years to come. You need and deserve to make the decisions that your future self will thank you for. Life is like a domino effect - one decision and event leads to another.

Despite all the pros that come with knowing your limits, many people are reluctant to admit to them. They feel that they'll leave a lasting negative impression on people. They feel that nothing else will come along away and sadly they feel it is their own personal obligation to do something when it is not. This type of thinking is common yet it leads to the unhealthy road of self-loathing and self-doubt (I say this wholeheartedly from experience).

So I call on all of you to evaluate what is important to you, write down your goals and lastly but certainly the most important, BE HONEST with yourself and your abilities and do not overestimate what you can handle. Responsibilities are like a rain barrel - you can only hold so much rain until it overflows.

Written by: Mariam Nouser