Shifting Our Niche

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Written by: Mariam Nouser, CEO and Founder

Niching. Something many entrepreneurs and bloggers hear often. What is it exactly?

Niching, by definition, is refining your purpose to fit a specific type of audience. This purpose can be for a product or service-based business or even your blog. It is incredibly important to choose your niche at the right time and right place.

As the proud owner of Infinitely Classic, I have had my fair share of moments of being told to niche; even further than where I thought I was.

IC started as a graphic t-shirt business, selling shirts with powerful words and messaging that were mostly in Arabic. I always knew in my mind that my passion laid in something that would significantly impact the communities I am a part of. There are so many hijab companies and expressive t-shirt companies. So I thought to myself, what can I do that I, a) have a great understanding of and b) something I can do with excellence.

In 2017, I started working on a slow shift. I started developing some halal cosmetic items, first with our lipsticks. It is a long time in the making, but I was grateful for the fact that I had studied engineering for a while, so I had technical knowledge as well.

Upon pitching to a business incubator called the Fashion Zone, I was urged to choose shirts or makeup, and not both. For a while, I contemplated my want to get rid of our first baby. However, I had to think of growth and my ability to break into a market that frankly hadn’t been done with excellence.

I am an avid makeup fan; VIB Rouge status at Sephora since 2016. I also have the technical knowledge needed to create a compelling product. I studied chemical engineering for two years, and I am married to a chemical engineer. Fun fact: the founder of NudeStix is a chemical engineer by profession.

I am not your typical entrepreneur. Yes, when starting out and until recently, I was super scared of all the terminology, ROI, ROMI, profitability etc. I knew what they meant, but with so much business jargon being throw in my face, I felt I was not the cookie-cutter definition of an entrepreneur. I took a few classes at university before launching IC.

Niching is so important. As a woman of many titles, it was essential for me to lead a company that had a clear mission and a clear MVP. However, the purpose of Infinitely Classic has never changed; we want to take back the narrative of Muslim women, to be written by Muslim women. First, in fashion and now in beauty. We don’t want to be some exclusive brand just for Muslim women to benefit from. We want to be all-inclusive and celebratory while remaining true to our core. We want to uplift our fellow human beings and make an impact locally and globally.

This is the start of a new era for IC, and you have not seen anything yet.