Spring Cleaning

Author's Notes

Happy Spring Everyone! This season is one of rejuvenation. Goals are set, flowers are blooming and sun is out longer, which must mean things can only go up from here!

Spring Cleaning is something we often hear people doing once winter has passed and spring has begun. Closets are emptier, living rooms are reorganized and decorated and every appliance has been deep cleaned. Why is this a thing? Well...spring is a symbol of new beginnings. The cold of winter has (hopefully) passed and now animals come out of hibernation and plants start to regrow. I also feel it should be used as a means of rejuvenating oneself in every aspect of life.

Yes, spring cleaning your house is something I highly recommend. It makes room for new things to happen and come while recognizing some things just must go. So why is it not a thing to do some Spring Cleaning of the soul and mind? Why when an opportunity to reevaluate oneself and have time for self care arises, that we do not do it?

To me, the start of the year is not January 1st. The start of the year is and should be when winter has passed - when new things grow and environment seemingly comes alive.

As I reflect while writing this post, I notice that all of my rejuvenation naturally happens in the Spring. I become naturally inspired by seeing life literally start around me; the miracles of life around me that are in the forms of plants, animals and the sun itself.