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2015 - one of the most life-changing years of my life.

It has made me cry, made me smile, made me grow, made me feel and most of all helped me in my road of self discovery.

Some of what has happened...


I turned 20

I travelled to two new places

I started learning a new language

I launched this blog

I became more aware of social issues

Cleaned up my diet (yay)


I was hospitalized for the longest time since I was 3 months old

My close relative was diagnosed with terminal cancer


Just by the sample highlights above, the positive has outweighed the negative. Even by my negative experiences, I have learned so much.

I have learned that I can do whatever I set my mind to. That matters can change in a blink of the eye. That I should not take advantage of the good in my life as it is temporary but at the same time remembering that 'negative' things are temporary as well.

2015 has seen me evolve. Evolve into a much stronger and determined person than I have ever been. If you were to rewind a couple years, even one year, I was hesitant. I was afraid to speak out for what I believed in and was afraid to give my input. Turning 20 was pivotal for me - it came as a self-realization that I am now an adult and that now everything I do is in the matter of my own two hands.

While I am still the sensitive and introverted (yes, it is a shock to many but I am quite introverted), I firmly believe that my strength has grown exponentially. My love for so many things and people have grown. My aspirations have grown beyond compare and my vision for my future has never been more clear.

I aspire to stay positive. I am hungry to create a positive impact in my local community as well as the global community.

There is so much I can say about what 2015 has meant to me but they are words I cannot physically express.

Out with the old, in with the new

With the year ending comes a new chapter in the book called my life in a mere 12 hours.

2016, a year that I have enormously high expectations for. One that I believe will be pivotal in my long term goals. I turn 21 in June, which solidifies the feeling I have - being an adult and having control of my own life. Tomorrow is a new day, a new year, a new beginning. As cliché as that sounds, it is the perfect time to start new habits, chug away at new and current goals and create a vision for the next year, five years, 10 years etc.

With that comes my goals....

My Resolutions

Continue to grow my business and brand

Visit a new country

Learn another new language

Experience things in the name of my loved ones who have passed and those who will pass this year

2016 will be my year. I know it