The Beauty Behind Struggle

We've all been there - drowning in what seems like a never-ending struggle. Trying to find an opportunity to catch a single breath. Struggling to find the purpose of what we are doing. To be quite honest, I have been having those days lately. An endless struggle of self-discovery. I get these feelings of "what is my purpose? what am I destined to do?" all while trying not to succumb to the pressure that society puts on people, especially young females like myself.

It does not really help that university/college students like myself are in the middle of mid-term season. The stress of exams itself sparks that feeling of self-doubt and fear. We are scared of what will (may) ensue rather than focusing on right now, something we can actually work on.

As I sit here, pondering about all the stuff I have to do, I can't help but think about how much I have grown as a person during the last few years - all due to the abundance of challenges I have faced. Not only have they made me the (seemingly) tough girl that I am but have let me realize that hey! everything will be alright.

See, I am a firm believer that there is beauty behind struggle and the unknown.  These are the things that shape us into who we are, how we think and how we tackle problems.

To me, seeing the light is a process and it goes by this.

  1. When you're struggling and cannot seem to get your head straight, take a break. As long of a break as you need - 5 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day whatever. It is not ideal to go ahead with something when your mind isn't fully into it.

  2. Before you finish your break and you return to whatever you were doing, make a list of tangible goals you can achieve - whether it be reading 50 pages of your textbook or finish a drawing. Something that you can achieve in the short-term so you feel motivated. Once you achieve them, check them off and FEEL GOOD.

  3. To motivate yourself, this is something I strongly suggest. Think about that one person who has inspired you the most. Think of their great attributes and contributions. Now see yourself as that person. Heck, see yourself as someone even better. Be that inspiration for someone who perhaps needs that extra push.

  4. Once you climb that mountain of struggle, you will see the beautiful view. You will see how far you have come, how far you see and how high is the sky. How sweet that victory feels is what will make you crave the struggle more.

What if life was like a flat piece of land, nothing to see but fields. How boring and unappealing would that be compared to a beautiful view that a mountain can provide?

See, it's all about seeing the bigger picture rather than focusing in on minute details.

Written by: Mariam Nouser