Infinitely Classic


where being you is more than okay

Welcome to Infinitely Classic


Welcome to Infinitely Classic, a place where thoughts are sparked, ideas are flowing and experiences are shared.

This is a start to a (hopefully) long journey towards self empowerment, expression and freedom not only just for myself, but you all as well.

My name Mariam, the cofounder of this blog and here is a bit about me.

I am a 20 year old, Engineering student who is trying to find her way through the madness of this world. Who hasn't yet found her niche or what her purpose is and that is totally okay.

I am a lover of language, a wandering soul, a curious learner, an avid traveler and a dreamer.

(To find out more about me, check out my About Me tab.)

Although I do plan on doing an in-depth post on the meaning behind Infinitely Classic, I decided a sneak peek is definitely warranted.

Infinity is a concept which signifies a number with no end. It sees no stop nor barrier. No two humans are alike nor will that ever happen so the possibility of som is endeless. Creating the word infinity to it's respective adverb compliments the second half of the name.

Classic on the other hand is timeless. Again, it sees no stop. When one thinks of something that is classic, it is something that is applicable in the past, present and future.

I invite you all to embark on this journey. Together we can create something big. Together we can create a place where being you is more than okay.

Lots of love,