What Drew Us to Ethical Fashion and Beauty

Starting a business that is in a specific niche is quite daunting. Infinitely Classic, as you’ll see in our About section, started as a blog in my bedroom in 2014 where I was able to anonymously write about things that mattered to us. In 2016, we expanded the brand to sell unique and powerful graphic shirts. At that point, our shirts were not 100% ethically-sourced. Upon updating our business plan through our team meetings, we wanted to be a brand that was more than just cool shirts. We wanted to create a lifestyle of ethical clothing and beauty products within the Muslim community. The fact that many of the world’s sweatshops are in Muslim-majority countries is appalling and we must stand up against this.

When it comes to ethical fashion, there are three factors to look at:

1) Where and how is the fabric sourced?
2) Where is it being manufactured?
3) How much are the workers being paid to do their work?

These were all crucial points for our team when looking for manufacturers that carried ethically-sourced fabrics. The process takes a long time, in fact it wasn’t until November 2017 that we found our shirt supplier (17 months after we launched our first line).

When it comes to products, we must consider all users in terms of what is deemed ethical.

Our philosophy is that since we are mandated to eat halal or kosher meat as Muslim and Jewish folks respectively, why are we consuming products that do not fit this same criteria? As a Muslim-owned company, halal meat to us does not just mean the way the animal has been slaughtered but the conditions under which the animals were living in prior to that. When it comes to products, we must consider all users in terms of what is deemed ethical. The way the cotton trees were grown is so crucial. The condition of the factories and the wages of people working to create products is just as important. Through offering halal, ethical and cruelty-free products, we are ensuring everyone and everything involved in the process is treated with dignity and respect.

With ethical fashion and beauty comes a hefty price tag. However, the price to create products that are not only ethical but are high-quality as well should not be a deterrent to go along this path. It took us 20 months from our starting up to offer a full-fledged line of ethical products. Slow and steady wins the race.

Written by: Mariam Nouser