Meet the Team


Mariam nouser

Mariam is the Founder and CEO of Infinitely Classic. She started the brand in 2015 as her blog but wanted to expand with the purpose of inspiring and empowering Muslims and other racialised folks. Her love for Social Justice, Storytelling and Arabic art has brought her to produce high-quality, powerful pieces that people can rock no matter who they are and where they are from. She is currently studying Journalism at Ryerson University and is pursuing a BA in Islamic Studies from the Islamic Online University. 


Zeinab saidoun

Zeinab is the CMO of Infinitely Classic. She is a full-time communications & public relations professional, managing several social media accounts and creating content on a daily basis. She is also the North America Fashion & Lifestyle Editor at where she allows her love for fashion & beauty to live online. Her passion for encouraging diversity and portraying a positive image of Islam made joining Infinitely Classic an easy choice!


Jill Nouser

Jill is the CFO of Infinitely Classic and the proud mother of our founder Mariam. She has 38 years of experience working at one of Canada’s largest banks and uses her knowledge to balance the books. On her free time, she loves writing and spending time with Mariam and her husband. She hopes to write a memoir in the future about her journey with mental health. 


Rabia Idrees

Rabia is the COO of Infinitely Classic and one of the very first supporters of IC. She has been a mentor and great friend of Mariam’s since 2015; providing great feedback on operations and HR for Infinitely Classic. She is a Human Resources Management Graduate from Ryerson University and currently works as a HR coordinator in Toronto. She is an avid makeup junkie and hopes to use her knowledge in HR and makeup to elevate the brand to a whole new level

Asmaa Toor

Asmaa is the Marketing Coordinator of Infinitely Classic. She is currently a student at the Ryerson School of Journalism in Toronto.   Through Infinitely Classic, she hopes to empower and create a positive representation of Muslim women. She enjoys writing about health, beauty, lifestyle and current affairs.  She'll be writing on our blog regularly and will be active on social media as well.   If you have an idea for a blog post, email her at or follow her on Instagram @asmaatoor. (Also, it's Asmaa with two a's at the end).



Huda is the Operations Manager of Infinitely Classic. She is studying at the Schulich School of Business in Toronto. She’s always been very active in having her voice heard. She has been a part of the Toronto Youth Cabinet, was her class’ VP, and sat on community councils to represent herself as a student who wants to create change. Her vision here at IC is to represent herself as a Muslim Female and what it stands for. Her hobbies include baking, doing case competitions, and doing henna

Nabiha Syed

Nabiha is the Web Content Specialist of Infinitely Classic. She is currently a student at Ryerson University majoring in Graphic Communications Management with a minor in Psychology and a concentration in Graphic Output. Nabiha's interests include cats and seeking Islamic knowledge from many sources. Her goal at IC is to help the company become very successful (insha Allah), and bring brand awareness to consumers through the use of her graphic design skills. She hopes to empower Muslim women through her work at IC.